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Welcome to the Official Website of Wayne T. Jackson. Bishop Jackson founded the The Impact Television Network along with his wife Dr. Beverly Jackson. On this network, they broadcast globally to around 80 million homes and reach out to hundreds of millions of people. Ranked as being the largest Christian Network that is owned as well as operated by an African American, Bishop Jackson always strives to achieve new heights.

Who is Wayne T. Jackson?

bishop apostle wayne t. jackson portraitFor decades, Wayne T. Jackson and his wife served as senior pastors of Great Faith Ministries in Detroit, Michigan. As a very dedicated member of his community, he is always planning and organizing events that will allow him to contribute back to the locals. In addition, he is a devoted Shepherd to his very large, organized, and robust congregation. He offers peace on top of solace through his teachings of unity. Not only that, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson’s goal in life is to inspire everyone around him to live their life without limitations or setbacks.

With the genesis of The Impact Television Network, Jackson was able to use this opportunity to create many jobs. These new employment opportunities within the broadcasting industry have greatly benefited the Michigan community. Not only that, those living in Detroit have been greatly and positively affected by this initiative.

Lastly, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson had the honor and privilege of attending the 2017 Presidential Inauguration. He prayed the Benediction and delivered his prayer with dignity and grace.

Passion to Help Others

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson is a firm believer of second chances. In fact, he attributes his success today to his ability to gain second wind while being in a troubled situation. Because of that, and his determination to improve his life for the better, he became the person he is today. However, he wishes to further his goals and ambition. Bishop Wayne T. Jackson extends his compassion as well as wisdom to those who struggle to succeed in life after completing a term of incarceration. As a matter of fact, he helps these people gain the strength and determination to get back on their feet and take life head on, along with all its challenges. In an effort to provide these men with the skills required to succeed in life after incarceration, Jackson has provided guidance, support, spiritual counsel, as well as aid to these troubled men.

In addition to helping out the local Detroit, Michigan community, he was instrumental in organizing relief for survivors of the devastating Hurricane Katrina. Wayne T. Jackson also traveled to Africa. There, he brought both critical and fundamental supplies to the local malnourished communities. These supplies come in the forms of food, medicine, books, and computers. However, the most important thing he brought to these communities, are his ministry and his teachings.

“Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; Trust also in me” -Jesus Christ


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The purpose of this website is for Apostle Wayne T. Jackson to reach out to others with the power and help of God. On this website, it serves as a platform for Jackson to humbly showcase his prior achievements. In addition to that, he wishes to use these achievements as well as accomplishments and act as a pillar of inspiration to those around him. More specifically, he wishes to inspire troubled individuals that have made mistakes in life. He wants to remind them that it is never too late to turn your life around and change.

With the help of this website, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson of Detroit, Michigan wishes to connect with people. Whether they are followers of Jesus Christ, people looking for a new start, or just interested individuals looking to partner with Jackson in new business endeavors, he invites everyone to connect with him.