About Bishop Wayne T. Jackson

Bishop Jackson is a devout follower of Jesus Christ who currently resides in Detroit, Michigan.

Early Life of Bishop Jackson

Born and raised in a Christian household, Wayne T. Jackson was raised as a Christian while growing up. In fact, his father was a pastor and passed away when Wayne was around 13 years old. As a result of this devastating departure, he walked away from all forms of religion. The loss of his father was too much and Wayne T. Jackson cut all ties with Jesus Christ and spirituality in general. He lost the inspiration and motivation to become a pastor. He could no longer see himself following the footsteps of his father.

However, according to Bishop Jackson, the Lord works in mysterious ways and had a different plan for him. As a matter of fact, God orchestrated an incident to help salvage Wayne T. Jackson and wake him up. It happened when Jackson had some trouble with the law and was put in a difficult situation. There, regretting his mistakes in his cell, he received a visit from God. He was given the opportunity and a second chance to turn his life around. Wayne T. Jackson was presented with the choice to get back on his feet, and he took it. Ever since then, he has become a better person and sought after ways to help others become the best version of themselves.

Impact Television Network

The Impact Television Network is the biggest and the only African-American founded independent international TV network. It broadcasts in well over 80 million homes. Founded in 2010, it was launched by Bishop Wayne T. Jackson and his wife of over 30 years, Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson. With this TV network initiative, they were able to create countless job opportunities in Detroit, Michigan. This huge creation of jobs in the Detroit area was able to help out a lot of struggling young men. In addition, their goal and ambition is to uplift urban communities by educating, enriching, empowering, and engaging people to improve their lives for the better. By using the power of digital media, The Impact Network will paint a new image for the black community. Through positive imagery and portrayal, Bishop Jackson hopes to play a vital role in the aspirational African-American lifestyle.

bishop jackson tv collage

Aside from being a TV Network, it is also a vessel for positive change. In his own words, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson believes that if he can create a positive change around a person’s spiritual, mental, and emotional level, then it will ripple into the world. As a result, this person that has recently been changed for the better and improved for the better, will pay it forward and do good in society. The Impact Network is a very active part of the community and provide programs as well as opportunities for young people in the area.

Great Faith Ministries

At Great Faith Ministries, founders Bishop Wayne T. Jackson and his wife Beverly Jackson demonstrate the power of Jesus Christ. They do so by setting the captives free. More specifically, Great Faith Ministries is a non-denominational, Bible-believing church that operates under the will of the Holy Spirit.

Their vision is simple, to supernaturally transform lives and prepare people for purpose

  1. Build a 5,000 seat edifice to serve the needs of all people, cultures and nationalities.
  2. Build a K-12 educational complex
  3. Expansion of our television ministry
  4. Build a 24-hour prayer tower
  5. Implementation of a School of Ministry
  6. Send trained ministers into the world
  7. Build a senior citizens complex
  8. Care Center to provide food and services to the poor
  9. Nehemiah House, a facility to provide drug and alcohol rehabilitation services and temporary housing to recovering addicts
  10. Hannah House, a facility to provide services and housing to battered and single women

Professional Skills of Wayne T. Jackson

Industry Knowledge

  • Radio
  • Entertainment
  • Editing & Video editing
  • Public Relations

Other Skills

  • Microsoft Office
  • Final cut pro
  • Photoshop
  • Social Networking