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Evolution of Technology

The majority of modern businesses rely on technology to grow their practice. Technology allows information to reach people faster and on a much wider scale. Each day, higher technology enters the workplace, propelling companies to new heights.


The Digital Revolution

In such a digital age, it is near impossible to run a business without the aid of technology. Digital technology, when used appropriately, can take a business from a small workspace to a worldwide corporation. These techniques can include video streaming, written blogs, podcasts, social media, and much more. Businesses can use technology to spread branding messages, interact with customers, and ultimately increase revenue. Digital technology has become so popular that even religious leaders like Bishop Wayne T. Jackson are utilizing its powers to promote themselves and their message across the globe.


The Right Tools according to Bishop Wayne T. Jackson

The Impact Television Network is the most popular of Bishop Wayne T. Jackson’s digital tools that he uses to spread his faith to viewers. When it started in 2010, the network was only able to reach their city limits. As a result of modern technology, Bishop Jackson can now broadcast his network internationally. The network broadcasts to 80 million homes, making it not only the biggest but the only African-American-founded independent international TV network. Aside from television, the Bishop has been featured in numerous articles, written by both outside parties and through the official’s own blog site. Wayne’s official website homes dynamic YouTube videos highlighting his religious community involvement. Bishop Wayne T. Jackson also invites viewers to leave comments, likes, or share his work which results in a bigger and continually growing viewer community.


Data and Growth

The introduction of data analytics has also allowed for more accurate information regarding a company’s performance. This information gives people like Bishop Jackson the ability to determine efficiency. Marketing efficiency has been impacted by reaching a wider audience through sharing digital data on websites. Evolving technology inspired the Bishop as he likes the way that new thing transformed, especially in terms of digital communication. He believes that media transforms the mind and that through radio and television he can truly impact people’s way of thinking and living. Online platforms are constantly and rapidly developing software that allows them to gather useful information to grow their business. Websites can be reached across the world, making their growth very important to the growth of the overall business. More people reached means more potential clients.


Global & International Impact

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson has been able to spread his work to a much larger group of people because of technology. Instead of practicing his beliefs at a single ministry, Bishop Jackson can now preach right to the homes of his followers throughout the world. Through his advanced network, he live streams his services, offers prayer through his website and spreads the word of his faith via digital forums. His network operates as a platform for a wide variety of talented spiritual leaders to engage, enrich and empower people internationally due to the development of technology in his practice.

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