Relationship Between Faith & Well-being

Faith is a guiding principle that permeates through various avenues of one’s life. From improved social interaction to enhanced personal relationships, faith cultivates meaning and is a powerful instrument in character development. Apostle Wayne T. Jackson – currently residing in Detroit Michigan and Founder of Great Faith Ministries International, claims that individuals with faith have an increased sense of purpose which equips them with the self-confidence they need to overcome adversity. By fostering positive communication, like-minded individuals can offer a source of emotional support during times of difficulty. From self-reflection to spiritual development, faith encourages compassion and improves one’s overall quality of life. Wayne T. Jackson discusses the advantages of having faith and one’s overall sense of well-being.

Fulfillment & Sense of Purpose

Faith-based practices help create meaning by promoting deeper personal relationships as well as enhanced social interactions. Those with a shared faith often experience a heightened sense of optimism. In addition, this allows them to find fulfillment in everyday life. Wayne T. Jackson claims that he draws strength and determination from his beliefs, knowing that God is with him has allowed him to achieve success in many areas of his personal as well as professional life.

 Reduces Stress & Enhanced Ability to Cope

There is a clear link between faith and one’s ability to handle emotional and psychological stress. More specifically, faith helps foster a strong sense of belonging as individuals are able to remain well adjusted in times of crisis. Spirituality can help individuals navigate stressful circumstances, knowing they are never alone. The act of praying is also a coping method which provides people with the strength to overcome difficult circumstances without the fear of judgment. By possessing a greater understanding of the self, individuals are better prepared to handle life’s various obstacles.

Best Version of One’s Self According to Wayne T. Jackson

Individuals with faith are more likely to become an active member of their community and partake in philanthropic endeavors. According to Wayne T. Jackson, the most satisfying moments of his career is witnessing the transformations of individuals through God. He claims that the bible is a way to breathe life back into people, instilling them with a sense of hope. Faith is a framework that helps form personal values and allows one to find meaning. As a result, individuals have an improved sense of well-being which contributes to their overall health.

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson as well as his wife Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson are the founders and owners of The Impact Television Network which they use as a source of inspiration to connect spiritually with their audience. By witnessing the positive impact of a religious life, Wayne and his wife have seen firsthand the transformative power of faith.

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