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Importance of Faith & Religion

Faith is an important part of modern and past society because it allows for expression, social celebration and ease of mind. The Impact Television Network, run by Bishop Wayne T. Jackson and his wife, Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson, broadcasts spirituality internationally to 80 million homes. The couple has previously worked as senior pastors of Great Faith Ministries in Detroit, MI for over 37 years.

This program works to inspire consumers to look into themselves and find inner peace through God. The mission of the Television Network is to provide viewers with enriching entertainment that impacts lives in all sorts of ways: spiritually, physically, financially, mentally and emotionally. Impact broadcasts original shows as well as features created by outside religious leader.

There are many benefits to practicing faith. Bishop Wayne T. Jackson says that there are three main reasons to do this: purpose, people, and empowerment.

Faith Allows For…


Religion is one of the easiest ways to find your purpose in life. Spirituality guides people to unlock their full potential. The faith that is gained through spirituality allows us to see our divine path and set a course that is best for us. By speaking to God, we learn what is truly important as it acts as a form of meditation. By speaking our truths to God, it helps us to redirect our energy and aim it at something that needs to be addressed. Thus, we find our purpose.



Religion connects people to open-minded individuals who share the same beliefs. Whether it is through attending church or by watching the Impact Television Network, we are connected by our spirituality. Religion allows people to find others to confide in and build long-term relationships. Bishop Jackson views the network as a strong tool to inspire people to connect with their spirituality across the globe.

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson also firmly believes in second chances. He seeks to aid those who struggle to move forward in life after completing a term of incarceration. The Bishop offers spiritual guidance, strength and support to help these troubled souls get back on their feet by channeling his faith. Sometimes, people make the wrong choice because they may be too young to know what is right. Bishop Wayne T. Jackson works with those incarcerated to share the wisdom that comes with age and faith. His goal is to lead them back on the path to recovery.



Religion empowers others to go above and beyond by offering constant encouragement. The Impact Television Network often invites religious leaders to take part in the show, specifically broadcasting those who motivate people to do more. Faith also opens another door in life that can help people achieve mental well-being.

But Don’t Forget…

At the end of the day, Bishop Jackson reminds us that it is important to spend time with our families. Family is the most important aspect of life. Not only does it offer comfort and support, it also preserves positivity. Family time is one of the easiest ways to forget about stress due to minor issues. Bishop Wayne T. Jackson advises focusing on your loved ones and spending as much time with them as possible.

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