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“Clear the mind, cleanse the psyche of troubled thoughts” are words that Wayne T. Jackson lives by. As a devout follower of Jesus Christ, he enjoys spending the early hours of the day meditating, praying, and cleansing the body of stress. In addition, he enjoys reading about the local news and engaging in some creative writing. As a matter of fact, Biship Jackson has published a few blogs of his own on Medium.

Medium is a popular blog sharing network that allows users to write blogs and share ideas. On there, writers can write about a wide array of topics. From personal interests, to life experiences, to tips and tricks, people have written about all sorts of subjects. Wayne T. Jackson is one of those people. He has taken some time here and there to write and publish blogs on Medium. He explores topics such as second chances, spirituality, religion, faith, and helping out the local community.

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Wayne T. Jackson Blogs

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Wayne T. Jackson On Giving Back to the Community – Wayne T. Jackson – Medium

Cultivating positive change generates social awareness and empowers individuals to devote their time and efforts to a worthy cause. Equipping individuals with meaningful tasks fuels motivation and…

Wayne T. Jackson On Learning from Your Mistakes – Wayne T. Jackson – Medium

It is common for individuals to rationalize their errors, as opposed to assuming ownership over their faults. Admittance is integral to personal growth as it encourages introspection leading to…

Wayne T. Jackson on The Relationship Between Faith & Well-being

Faith is a guiding principle that permeates through various avenues of one’s life. From improved social interaction to enhanced personal relationships, faith cultivates meaning and is a powerful…